What People Say about Us

"At the risk of sounding redundant, I want to say THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for bringing DBM to this point. As I said before you are an answer to prayer and I mean it sincerely. What you have done in sending us these reports has helped us to begin to get this aspect of the ministry in order.

»Minister Donna Baptiste, President & CEO, Donna Baptiste Ministries

“Since Homeshore America took over the bookkeeping … dramatic improvement in the accuracy and quality of the books.  … timely information and reports that we need to … gain control of our revenue and expenses. … expertise and professionalism … have been terrific.”

»Bob Holtz, Commander, American Legion Post 43

“Cathy had a very positive attitude towards her work, her willingness to learn and excel is exemplary …  reliable and dedicated … detail oriented.”

»Susan C. Struz, Sr. Manager, Suburban Propane

“John has mentored numerous … businesses … guided them in business planning, … budgets and cash flow projections, and proper bookkeeping procedures … no hesitation in recommending Homeshore America for any aspect of business process outsourcing.”

»James Barrood, Executive Director, Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University

“in a major redesign to integrate … Customer Resource Management (CRM) system with our accounting system to provide more timely and extensive information …John’s detailed knowledge of all facets of accounting and business process while understanding how to use the information from that data to manage and grow the business was vital to the success of the project.”

»Michael Hubbs, Chief Information Officer, Emtec, Inc.

“…JP began working with me at Transworld Systems, …he learned quickly, …retained the knowledge and was able to put it to good use in the field…. strongly recommend him and his talents to anyone."

»Rick Glantz, Regional Sales Director, Transworld Systems Inc.

“John was very successful in understanding and addressing his clients’ needs. He was with them for the “long haul”.  … I have witnessed John’s excellent grasp of business processes and accounting principles … strong customer commitment…”

»Karl Savatiel, Former President, Skybridge LLP

“impressed with the transformation of our financial books brought about by Homeshore America … obtaining management information from some sales reports have been invaluable.  … have a really accurate record of who has paid their current dues.  I would recommend Homeshore America to anyone who wants to gain better information from their accounting system.”

»Celeste Fondaco, Board Member/Past President, Art League of the Chathams